Glossary and Pronunciation Guide

Ready to learn a few Irish words and strengthen your knowledge of Irish Mythology? Check out this handy Glossary and Pronunciation Guide!


Ailm (al-im) – the Celtic symbol for good health. It is most often associated with the fir tree, resilience, longevity, and healing in Ogham. Ailm is also a letter in the Ogham alphabet. It looks like a perfectly symmetrical, square cross.

Ainle (ein-lee) – a young Sidhe warrior. Grania’s fated mate.

Beagalltach (bay-go-tasch) – a sword Diarmuid carries. The name means “small fury.”

Brigitte (bree-ghit) – a Sidhe guardian. Niamh’s godmother. She is an air spirit.

Cathal (ca-hull) – a Sidhe warrior. He is an air spirit and the chosen leader of the Sidhe warriors.

Cauldron of Bran the Blessed (cul-dren of bran the blessed) – a cauldron that is purported to bring slain Sidhe warriors back from the dead. Also known as the Cauldron of Rejuvenation or rebirth.

Changeling (change-ling) – a human baby the Far Darrig exchange with faerie or Sidhe babies. When the babies are exchanged the human babies are called changelings.

Chosen Ones (chozen wons) – three Sidhe who represent faith, light (hope), and love. They serve as the counterweights to the Goddess Carman’s sons.

Cian (kee-yan) – a young druid in training. He wields purple energy and has a special ability to draw energy from all things. He is Niamh’s fated mate.

Ciara (kee-ra) – a Sidhe guardian. Maolisa’s godmother. She is a water spirit.

Claddagh ring (claw-da reeng) – a traditional Irish ring depicting two hands holding a heart with a crown. The hands represent friendship, the heart represents love, and the crown represents loyalty.

Cluricaun (clear-i-con) – an elf who acts like a drunken old man. He likes to play practical jokes. He’s frequently seen riding on the backs of dogs or sheep.

Cromm (crum) – leads the Fomorians. Currently possesses the Fragarach, a powerful sword known as The Answerer, because no one can tell a lie when it is held to his throat.

Dain (day-n) – violence. A beautiful, black-winged Sidhe. The Goddess Carman’s son.

Daur (dower) – door.

Davina (dah-vee-na) – the first unicorn Grania meets.

Dian (dye-an) – a Sidhe healer. Not to be confused with Dain! He is a wood spirit.

Diarmuid (deer-mid) – a mighty Sidhe warrior. Grania’s grandfather. He is an air spirit.

Dother (duh-ther) – evil. One of three black-winged Sidhe. Dain’s brother. The Goddess Carman’s son.

Draíocht Dúchas (dree-ocht doo-has) – magick birthright.

Dub (doe-vh) – darkness. One of three black-winged Sidhe. Dain and Dother’s brother. The Goddess Carman’s son.

Druid (drew-id) – a powerful teacher who masters white magick. They teach the Tuatha Dé Danann how to shapeshift, build protective shields, and wield their energy. They build on the knowledge gained in Ogham and strengthen the Sidhe’s skills. They also serve as prophets.

Dullahan (dull-a-han) – the headless horseman. He is an omen of death, but he is afraid of gold. Nobody knows why.

Elgin (el-gen) – Grania’s beloved Kelpie.

Ellen Trechend (ellen trekh-end) – a massive three-headed fire-breathing dragon with scales.

Erie (air-eh)– Ireland

Faerie (ferry) – essentially a fairy but not the Tinkerbell type. These are the fairies that exist in Irish mythology, otherwise known as the Sidhe, the Seelie, or the Tuatha Dé Danann.

Faeth Fiadha (feh fee-o-ha) – the Cloak of Mists. Generates a concealing fog. Once belonged to Manannán Mac Lir.

Far Darrig (far dareeg) – a type of fairy, small and wily like a leprechaun, who is totally enamored with the color red. He often wears a red cap and coat. He causes nightmares (for good reason); steals bright, pretty babies; and leaves changelings in their place.

Fianna (fee-an-ah) – a Sidhe guardian. Grania’s godmother. While her Sidhe name is Fianna, her chosen name in the human realm is Channa. Grania grew up calling her Cha Cha. She is a wood spirit.

Fidchell (fit-chul) – a board game that pre-dates Chess, where you must defend or capture a king. Allegedly created by King Lugh.

Fir Bolgs (fear bolg)– Primitive warriors known to wear braids in their beards and hair. They tend to run hot, so they seldom wear shirts. They collect and wear the bones of the animals they kill. They favor picks, axes, and spears as weapons. Most live on the western side of Ireland now, in an area known as Connaught. Some claim that leprechauns descended from Fir Bolgs.

Fomorians (fo-more-ee-an) – deformed, demonic looking giants who were driven into the sea after the Second Battle of Magh Tuireadh. Limbs are twisted. Rumored to be in pain. They manipulate the harsher elements, the more destructive side of nature, to achieve their objectives.

Foras Feasa (forus fassa)– the foundation of knowledge.

Fragarach (frea-gar-thach)– a sword that belonged to King Lugh. Also known as “The Answerer.” This sword can penetrate any shield or object. Even if only injured, the enemy cannot survive, and when held to a person’s throat, that person cannot tell a lie.

Garda (guard-a) – police force of the Republic of Ireland.

Goddess Carman (goddess car-muhn)– the Goddess of Dark Magick. She has three sons, Dain (violence), Dother (evil), and Dub (darkness).

Goddess Danu (goddess da-new)– the Great Goddess of the Tuatha Dé Danann, often referred to as their mother. She resides and rules over Tír na nÓg.

Go n-éirí an bóthar leat (guh nye-REE un BO-har lat)– An Old Irish proverb which means “may the road succeed with you.”

Grania (grawn-ya)– friendship and love. The Goddess Danu’s daughter who serves as a counterweight to the Goddess Carman’s sons. While her Sidhe name is Grania, her given name in the human realm is Madison. She was hidden by the Far Darrig in the United States. She is a wood spirit.

Kane (kay-n) – a powerful Sidhe druid. He wields purple energy and has a special ability to draw energy from all things. He is Fianna’s fated mate.

Kelpie (kel-pee) – A horse with an adhesive coat. If he senses any bad intentions, he’ll drag you into the water and drown you.

King Lugh (king loo) – led the Tuatha Dé Danann in the second battle of Magh Tuireadh against the Fomorians. He killed King Balor (his grandfather), who was the King of the Fomorians, effectively freeing the Tuatha Dé from Fomorian rule. He was extremely talented, one of few Sidhe skilled in all the arts. He also created the game of Fidchell. He brought people together through sport, inspiring the Tailteann games, their version of the Olympics. King Lugh was often referred to as the sun god, the storm god, and the sky god. He was half-Fomorian and half-Sidhe.

Lough Leane (loch lee-in) – Lake of Learning

Maidin Mhaith (maj-in why) – Good morning in Irish.

Magh Tuireadh (moy tura) – A battle for Ireland waged between the Fir Bolgs and the Tuatha Dé Danann. The Tuatha Dé Danann won. The Fir Bolgs have been holding a grudge ever since.

Manannán mac Lir (mon-a-non mac leer) – a sea deity and a powerful guardian who transports both Sidhe and Fomorian souls to the afterlife.

Maolisa (mail-eesa) – faith. The Goddess Danu’s daughter who serves as a counterweight to the Goddess Carman’s sons. While her Sidhe name is Maolisa, her given name in the human realm is Zoey. She was hidden in Finland by the Far Darrig. She is a water spirit.

Moralltach (mural-tasch) – another one of Diarmuid’s famous swords. The name means “great fury.”

Naois (nay-oh-ease) – the three-headed dragon who keeps saving the day.

Niamh (nee-uhv) – hope and light. The Goddess Danu’s daughter who serves as a counterweight to the Goddess Carman’s sons. While her Sidhe name is Niamh, her given name in the human realm is Skylar. She was hidden in France by the Far Darrig. She is an air spirit.

Ogham (og-um) – a realm of trees that lends knowledge and wisdom to the Sidhe. The Tuatha Dé Danann visit their birth trees in Ogham so they can gain knowledge, discover their purpose, and awaken their powers. Their birth tree is determined by Celtic tree astrology. The Tuatha Dé Danann are only permitted to visit the ancient trees in Ogham once. Ogham inspired an Early Medieval alphabet, used primarily in Ireland.

Otherworld (other world) – a magical realm where time stands still, and people don’t age. Otherworld arguably contains multiple realms, including Tír na nÓg (where the Tuatha Dé Danann live), Ogham (where ancient trees lend knowledge and wisdom to the Sidhe), Tech Duinn (where the Goddess Carman is imprisoned), and Tir Tairngire (where the sea deity Manannán mac Lir transports souls to the afterlife). There is also a gateway to an underwater Otherworld, known as Tir fo Thuinn near Tir Tairngire.

Ruarc (roo ark) – Grania’s father. A half-human, half-Sidhe warrior. His given name in the human realm is Tobin. He is an air spirit.

Second Battle of Magh Tuireadh (moy tura) – A battle for Ireland waged between the Fomorians and the Tuatha Dé Danann, during which King Lugh killed King Balor, the King of the Fomorians, effectively freeing the Tuatha Dé Danann from Fomorian rule. Most of the Fomorians’ warriors were killed during this battle. Those who remained were driven into the sea.

Selkie (sell-key) – seals that shed their skin. They turn into beautiful men or women, and dance naked along the shore. No one really knows why.

Sidhe (shee) – fairies, children of the Goddess Danu, also known as the Tuatha Dé Danann. Sidhe are generally divided into three categories: wood spirits, air spirits, and water spirits. This dictates where they draw their energy.

Sidhe Sluagh (shee sloo-ah) – rogue spirits that are not welcome in either Heaven or Hell, in the human realm or in Tír na nÓg. They often appear as an unkindness or a conspiracy of ravens. They seek out the souls of the dying, although you may draw them to you if you feel hopeless.

Tailteann Games (tale-tin games): an ancient sporting competition held in Ireland, similar to the Olympics. This competition tested both mental and physical abilities. King Lugh, who excelled in all games, founded this competition in memory of his foster-mother, Tailtiu.

Taisce Baile (tash-ka ball-yeh) – treasured home.

Tech Duinn (tek doon) – a realm that can be accessed through Otherworld. The place where the Goddess Carman is imprisoned. Also known as the House of Donn. A place where the souls of the dead gather before traveling to their final destination. Allegedly located near the tip of the Beara Peninsula.

Tír na nÓg (tear-na-nog) – a realm within Otherworld where most of the Tuatha Dé Danann live. Also known as the Land of Youth. Time works differently there, so the Sidhe never really age. They grow until young adulthood, but they stop aging after that. There is no illness and injuries heal fast.

Treasach (tree-sach) – a young Sidhe warrior. He is Maolisa’s fated mate.

Tuatha Dé Danann (Tooha day Danon) – descendants/children of the Goddess Danu. Some live among humans. Most live in Tír na nÓg. They heal quickly. Once they eat the fruit from their birth tree in Ogham, they are practically immortal. Also called faeries, the Sidhe, or the Seelie.


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