About Me

I live in Northern Virginia with my football-crazed husband, two beautiful daughters, and two psychotic Shih Tzus. I teach courses in international relations for the American Military University. I also work as a reading teacher at my daughters’ elementary school. What can I say? I still enjoy school!

I love unicorns, dragons, kelpies, leprechauns, and fairies. I suspect that’s the Irish in me. The Irish aren’t afraid to believe in magical things. More than anything, I’d like to adopt a dragon. Unfortunately, I haven’t found an animal shelter brave enough to house them. You should see the looks I get when I ask. I don’t understand. It’s not like this would be difficult. You just need a good sprinkler system, fire-resistant suits, and maybe an obedience class or two… for the humans, not the dragons, of course.

I love meeting new people; exploring magical places; and all the sticky predicaments, adventures, and emotions sparked by books. Reading and writing are two of my favorite things. I haven’t a clue what’s going on around me when I’m writing. The house could be burning down, and I wouldn’t even notice. I’m counting on my husband to save the children and the dogs. If we had a dragon, he could save us all.

Thanks for reading Saving Tír na nÓg! Drop me a note and let me know what you think about the book. You can e-mail me through the Contact Page or post a review on Amazon. Authors love reviews. They’re like a warm blanket, the highest compliment, and a thousand hugs all rolled into one. I’ve created a Pinterest Board entitled Saving Tír na nÓg in case you’d like to see some of the people and places I was picturing inside my head while writing this book.

Finally, if you’d like to join Grania, Maolisa, and Niamh in their fight against violence, evil, and darkness, you are welcome to join our Sidhe Street Team or subscribe to the Sidhe Street Journal.

Love and hugs,